20 February 2011

Hamburg Elections Powered by MySQL

Following a link on Google to the intermediate results of today's elections in Hamburg on the official website of Statistikamt Nord (Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein Statistics Office), I found this:

Ok, the good news is that our taxes don't get wasted on expensive Oracle licenses...

Building a Web Application with Wicket, Spring and JPA

This is a tutorial on setting up a web application stack with Wicket, Spring and JPA, with a special focus on avoiding Spring XML configuration in favour of Java configuration, and on using the JSR-330 @Inject annotation both in the web and service layers.

Martijn Dashorst's blog on Wicket/Spring/Hibernate configurationwas the starting point for my setup, and as I hate "oodles of XML"  as much as he does, I replaced all the XML bean declarations by a @Configuration class, a new feature in Spring 3.0.x.

07 February 2011

Maven Snapshot Repositories with Nexus

When you have a Maven build which depends on more than one external repository, it is usually a good idea to work with a repository manager. A repository manager also enables you to share your artifacts with other team members.

Nexus Open Source is probably the most popular Maven repository manager. Once it's set up correctly, it requires little or no maintenance, at least that's my experience after using it in different projects over the last three years.

I've just finished setting up Nexus for my current project, but this time, I spent almost a day chasing a problem related to snapshot repositories.

I had set up the Public Repositories group of Nexus as a mirror for Maven central and configured the Nexus Snapshots repository as an additional snapshot-enabled repository for the snapshots from my own project: