20 August 2012

New OSGi Console in Equinox 3.8.0

Equinox 3.8.0, the OSGi framework running Eclipse Juno, comes with a new console built on top of Apache Felix Gogo Shell.

It is debatable whether or not this is an improvement. Veteran Equinox users are greeted with the following message when trying to activate the console:

08 August 2012

Maven Build Info for Web Applications


* You want to include build info like build number, revision number etc. as a web resource in your web applications.
* You have a multi-module Maven project with more than one WAR module and a number of JAR modules.
* You want to minimize copy-and-paste configuration in your POMs.
* The mechanism should not depend on a CI server.


This can be achieved using the Build Number Maven Plugin and the overlay feature of the Maven WAR plugin.