20 March 2011

JAXB Marshalling with Custom Namespace Prefixes

The Problem

  • You have an XML schema with multiple XML namespaces.
  • You generate a JAXB model with xjc.
  • You build a JAXB document model and use the JAXB Marshaller to create XML from the model.
  • You want to override the default namespace prefixes ns1, ns2, ... created by the Marshaller.

13 March 2011

Transparent Asynchronous Remoting via JMS

The Scenario

A client needs to invoke a service interface with the following restrictions:
  • The service implementation is running on a remote machine.
  • This fact is transparent to the client, i.e. any service method invocation is just like a local method invocation.
  • The service methods are executed asychronously on the server, method invocations on the client return immediately (fire-and-forget).
  • All service methods have void return types.
  • The service invocations shall be transported via JMS.