20 July 2010

JPA 2.0: Querying a Map

Welcome back to more merriment with Maps in JPA 2.0!

After watching 3 out of 4 persistence providers choke on a model with a map in the previous post, let us now continue our experiments and see how our guinea pigs can handle JPQL queries for maps.

Recall that the JPQL query language has three special operators for building map queries: KEY(), VALUE() and ENTRY().

Now let us try and run the following query on a slightly modified model, compared to the previous post.

select m.text from MultilingualString s join s.map m where KEY(m) = 'de'

The corresponding model is:

public class LocalizedString {

    private String language;

    private String text;

@Table(schema = "jpa", name = "multilingual_string")
public class MultilingualString {

    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE)
    @Column(name = "string_id")
    private long id;

    @MapKeyColumn(name = "language_key")
    @CollectionTable(schema = "jpa", name = "multilingual_string_map", 
                     joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "string_id"))
    private Map<String, LocalizedString> map = new HashMap<String, LocalizedString>();

This time I've changed the model so that the map key is stored in its own column, which gives Hibernate and Eclipselink at least a chance to digest the model and proceed to the query. OpenJPA is fine with either version of the model.

DataNucleus is out of the game by now. I even tried replacing the @Embeddable by an @Entity and a few other things to cheat it into accepting my model, but in the end I gave up.

Now, Ladies and Gentleman, the winner and sole survivor is: OpenJPA again!

Both Hibernate and Eclipselink fail, merrily throwing exceptions. Hibernate only seems to have stubbed out the KEY() and VALUE() operators in their parser code (see HHH-5396 for the gory details and elaborate stack traces).

And Eclipselink's famous last words are:

Error compiling the query [select m.text from MultilingualString s join s.map m where KEY(m) = 'de'], 
line 1, column 9: unknown state or association field [text] of class [LocalizedString]. 

Not sure what the poor soul is trying to tell me.

To sum up: Should you ever consider working with persistent maps à la JPA 2.0, beware! Here be dragons...

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