18 July 2012

OSGi and CDI Combined

Pax CDI is a new OPS4J community project I've started to combine the best of OSGi and CDI.

Once you've worked with CDI or with an up-to-date annotation-based flavour of Spring, the service registry API or XML-based dependency injection in the Blueprint or Declarative Services style suddenly appears rather verbose.

On the other hand, even though Java EE 6 is more lightweight than ever, its monolithic nature feels rather a burden when you're used to OSGi.

Why not have the best of both worlds? The idea is not new, it has been implemented to some extent both in weld-osgi and in the FighterFish subproject of GlassFish.

Unlike these two projects, Pax CDI is independent of any given CDI, Java EE or OSGi implementation. The first proof-of-concept release is based on Apache OpenWebBeans and Equinox. In contrast to weld-osgi, which required some modifications in Weld itself, Pax CDI works with an unmodified version of OpenWebBeans.

Trying to do the same with Weld is one of the next goals for Pax CDI.

An alpha release Pax CDI 0.1.0 is available from Maven Central.

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