28 December 2010

Java EE 6 Integration Testing Easier Than Ever

With jeeunit 0.6.0, you can write and run JUnit integration tests for Java EE 6 components as easy as this:

class MySessionBeanTest {
    private MySessionBean mySessionBean;

    public void aSimpleTest() {
        boolean result = mySessionBean.doSomething();

The JeeunitRunner builds a WAR on the fly, launches an embedded container, deploys the WAR and delegates all test methods to a proxy runner within the container.

With this approach, you can run your test class (or even a package with multiple test classes) from Eclipse via the context menu. The container is only launched once for all classes.

jeeunit currently supports Glassfish 3.1-b33 or higher. It uses the new Embedded Glassfish API introduced in b33.

Compared to earlier jeeunit versions, it is no longer required to build a test WAR manually or to provide a test suite for running multiple test classes.

Thanks to the excellent service provided by Sonatype OSS Repository Hosting, jeeunit is now available from Maven Central.

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